Manhattan Project

The Manhattan Project created at Wine Shine is our expression of the classic cocktail known as the Manhattan.  We decided to create our own truly craft version of this drink that had been blended and aged prior to bottling.  Each version uses both a bitters and vermouth that have been crafted at Wine Shine.
The vermouth uses 33 different botanicals that have been selected and hand blended.  Our home made bitters uses 27 unique botanicals in its creation.

Currently we have two types of Manhattans available for sale, a whiskey and a brandy version, a third and final rye version is slated to be released in late 2017 - early 2018 after the rye has been aged properly.  Each batch of Manhattans is aged in new American Oak for a period of at least 90 days.  We use only the finest available botanicals procured from local organic purveyors in our vermouth and bitters.  Both the whiskey and brandy are distilled at Wine Shine making Manhattan Project a truly hand crafted from start to finish barrel aged Manhattan.  Each batch is limited in numbers and takes a minimum of a year to create from start to finish.  We feel that Manhattan Project is something that has elevated the cocktail in a bottle to a new level. And like the bottle says: We are sure you will agree!

Barrel Aged Manhattan Project Brandy

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Barrel Aged Manhattan Project Whiskey